Jan. 25, 2022

Find Off Market Businesses w/ Jon Stoddard & Matt Anderson

Acquisition Entrepreneur Consulting for Equity Deal Flow, Prospecting, M&A, Mindset Dealmaker vs Buyer

Acquisition Entrepreneur Consulting for Equity Deal Flow, Prospecting, M&A, Mindset Dealmaker vs Buyer

Jon Stoddard 

Investor + Business Mentor & Host of “The Top M&A Entrepreneur’s Podcast”

CEO Stack Acquisitions  StackAcquisitions.com We acquire great companies. And we help other companies acquire great companies. We always offer fair, fast and friendly terms. Buying or selling, we only work with people we like.

Host & Producer of Top M&A Entrepreneurs  guests, have acquired over 600 Businesses worth over $50 billion

Matt Anderson

Investor | Advisor | Consultant | Accelerated Growth Architect  I am an Acquisition Entrepreneur

Opulentia Capital Working with SME’s , Active Investor , Mergers & Acquisitions, Opulentia works exclusively with MBH Corporation – A global agglomerate of well established, profitable small businesses.

Acquiring or partnering together with others through Strategic Partnerships to help take businesses to the next level.

Jon StoddardProfile Photo

Jon Stoddard

Investors/Business Mentor/Host of Top M&A Entrepreneurs/Creator of DealFlowSystem.net

→ CEO of Stack Acquisitions
→ Host of Top M&A Entrepreneurs Podcast
→ Investor Acquisition Advisors – Reg A Crowdfund Raised for OTC companies.
→ Helped Novo Integrated Sciences (NASDAQ: NVOS) with Acquisitions and Uplist from OTC to NASDAQ in direct listing. Shares went from $4 to $37 in one day. LinkedIn
→ Helped a $15 Million revenue company purchase a startup for $7 million – paid in stock. LinkedIn
→ CenturyHearingAids.com – Turn-around - sold it on EmpireFlippers.com (in 72 hours I guess I underpriced it)
→ Bought a Course Business, had to shut it down after 6 months
→ Turbo Squid – Cofounder, VP of Marketing/Sales raised $5million from Intel and Advantage Capital – sold to Shutterstock many, many years later
→ Northern Arizona University – B.S. Electronic Engineering Technology
→ USAF Staff Sergeant, enlisted, did a few good things and got a ride in an F4 Phantom
→ First Acquisition Experience- in my teens, bought a calf for $90 and sold for over $1000