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Steven Weldon, MBA, CPA is the founder and CEO of Viking CFO. 

 As a licensed CPA of over 20 years, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and board member of several publicly traded companies. Throughout his time in those roles, he guided companies from the pink sheets to OTCQB and to NASDAQ listings. Additionally, he raised over $50 million through private investment.  

After years of cleaning up publicly traded entities damaged by bad management, he gained a reputation among a group of investors as the go-to person to return companies to compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission and national exchanges, settle debts, and manage investor relations.  

Steve is now providing his expertise and experience to start-up companies looking to take the next steps in their funding process. Acting as a consulting CFO, he comes alongside a founder and their team to guide them through preparation for audits, due diligence, setting up and directing appropriate financial and compliance processes, and investor relations advice.  

For several years, Steve also taught accounting and tax courses to undergraduate students at Florida Southern College, where he received his Bachelor of Accounting and MBA degrees.

Feb. 22, 2022

Looking To Go Public w/ Steve Weldon

I'll be sharing the do's and don'ts of raising funds, choosing a board, and managing investors for a small cap, publicly traded company.

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