March 30, 2022

Money is Energy with Niki Bell

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Niki Bell is the founder of an International Investment Consultancy for investors. She has worked with investors for 12 years in different capacities. Her driving force is formulating investment strategies whether in the area of Investor Relations, Chief Financial Office, or DealMaker. She helps them to fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.

She represents investors in the private industry and their investments, before companies they invest in go public. She represents private investors, wealthy families, Angel investors, venture capitalist, private equity, etc. She informs her clients about the risks that they are taking with their money.

Niki Bell is a powerhouse and brings her gifts from her multitude of careers in the past. She has experience in the following areas:

12+ years as an International Investment Consultant. She has had deals in industries, for example, such as: biotech, technology, digital, e-commerce, Big Data, cybersecurity, agriculture, pharmaceutical, health care, mental health, wellness, distribution, commodities, manufacturing, industrial, construction, commercial real estate, zoning, etc. In addition to, stakeholders, committees, voting power, boards, and much more.

25 + years as a Political Strategist in the past pertaining to: issues of civil rights, equal opportunity, women, diversity, ballot initiatives, university/corporation programs as an advocate and movement leader. She oversaw 200 organizations for many years.

20 + years Business Leader & Influencer

20 + years in Education, K-12, with regards to: education for Spanish speaking communities, special education, advocating for parents, teachers, and students. She has worked with multiple education committees  and at-risk youth her entire life. All on the local, state, and national level.

20 + years as Community Leader with a lifetime of experience.

30 + years as a performing artist, vocalist, poet, own genre of spoken word, dancer, Latin percussion drummer, and an inspirational speaker with a lifetime of experience.

20 + years as a Indigenous Healer

20 + years Financial Coach, Business Coach, and Spiritual Advisor

30 + years as a Lifetime Survivor & Advocate of Sexual Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Trauma, Youth Suicide, Homelessness, and Overcoming Mental Health.

Niki was awarded the "Global Leadership Award on World Humanitarian Day", August of 2021. Her purpose is in economic development, sustainability, and growth. 

Niki Bell is a world citizen. She is transparent, data-driven, honest to a fault, loyal, and values trust. Some of these characteristics are mirrored within her clients. She evokes the human consciousness for herself and others in order to evolve and awaken.