Nov. 12, 2021

The Principles of M&A w / Mark Edwards CEO of Boss Equity - 100 Acquisitions In April 1999 Mark set up Document Boss (now Boss Equity), with his then partner, David Shieldhouse. Together, they created the blueprint for a new type of spec...

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CEO of Boss Equity – 100 Acquisitions

In April 1999 Mark set up Document Boss (now Boss Equity), with his then partner, David Shieldhouse. Together, they created the blueprint for a new type of specialist service provider aimed at senior executive business leaders in the software tech sector.

Over the ensuing 19+ years, Mark has been personally involved in over 100 Software Tech acquisitions. His wide-ranging knowledge, contacts and experience in this sector have proved invaluable in finding ‘the right fit’ for client companies and acquirers alike.

Rapid Growth for Client Companies

Over the past 5 years, Mark has developed and refined Boss Equity’s “Equity Value Accelerator” (EVATM) service. This is a bespoke framework which assists software tech CEO’s and business owners to grow the equity in their business.

By examining 5 critical areas of a business, the EVA service uncovers its strengths. It also identifies those areas where improvement can mean a rapid increase in growth, adding to the overall equity value of the company and enhancing sale price at exit.

Business transfer industry

Having worked early on in his career at W&T Avery (now GEC Avery), Mark then worked in the business transfer market alongside one of the UK’s top transfer agents – John Oakes. This proved to be an excellent learning trajectory in the art of selling businesses.

ECM Experience & First European MBO

From the early 1990’s Mark specialised in the Document Management sector. Head-hunted, he became the UK General Manager for DSA; a German document software vendor management and scanning company, operating across Europe. As well as managing the UK operation, Mark was also part of their pan-European management team, working alongside colleagues from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Greece. It was during this time that Mark was involved in raising investment for several established and start-up eDM companies. He also facilitated the MBO of DSA to form the Pan European company, Novadys.

Software Tech Experience

At the start of the 80’s UK recession, Mark’s next move was to enter the thriving computer industry, where he was involved in selling data-storage products – such as Exabyte tape drives and Quantum hard drives – throughout the UK. During this time, Mark introduced a sales incentive programme that was adopted in the UK, Canada and the US.

Entrepreneurial Background

Mark has successfully run several businesses, one of which was based upon a flotation belt he created, called the “Aqua Runner Belt”. This was later developed by Mark and his then wife, Isabel, into a fitness class and training school for fitness professionals. The belts and classes were sold throughout Australia, Argentina, France, USA, Germany, South Africa and Brazil and were used to help athletes and individuals recovering from injury, by allowing them to exercise, suspended in deep water (Aqua-runner belt & Flotation Aerobics).

A number of top athletes used Mark’s flotation belt to maintain their fitness whilst recovering from injury: these included Liverpool football club, Glasgow Rangers and a number of Olympic athletes.

Mark also formed Acumen, a document management file management company that bridged the gap between the paper document management world and electronic documents, using RFID’s – tiny electronic transmitters that held information regarding location and content.

Personal – Interests & Hobbies

Mark is an award-winning photographer and an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society; he is working on a portfolio of images towards becoming a Fellow. A selection of some of Mark’s images can be found at flickr .

He has studied with The Coaching Academy as an executive coach, which he finds very useful in his current role, mentoring clients and facilitating M&A assignments.

Mark is a keen keep-fit enthusiast, training daily at his local weights and boxing gym.