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Moran Pober got 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, served as a General Partner at WeKix Israel Venture Funds and acquired iTips Group.

As an entrepreneur, Pober has founded and acquired several companies, including a UK-based professional services firm, a US-based media, news and entertainment company, a Canadian based digital solutions Talonx. And also invested in multiple ventures such as Israeli-T, TheAmazingP and iPhotomojo under his holding group ABD Assets.

Pober has founded, advised, sold or played an integral role in the exits or acquisitions of over 100 companies, such as Werribee Panels, Forward Freight Systems, Rittenhouse Book Distribution, S4Films, Community Home Services and others.

Moran is now the founder and CEO of, a leading marketplace for buying and selling businesses with the vision of creating a world where anyone who has the drive and desire, can fulfill their dream of entrepreneurship, through acquisitions.

March 18, 2022

Acquisition Entrepreneurship w/ Moran Pober

how to buy businesses using OPM vs starting a business from scratch

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